Part 3 Needle / Syringe Glove

$250.00 - On Sale

This glove is replicated as seen worn by Freddy Krueger in Elm St 3 Dream Warriors. This glove is based off the glove Freddy used to kill Tayrn. The finger stalls are cut and hand shaped from copper pipe. The Back plate is cut and hand shaped from heavy gauge Brass. The syringes are plastic, the needles are REAL metal just like the screen used glove. I build each glove so that the needles are removable for safety and they simply slide on and off. Each glove comes shipped with the needles off the glove. The leather on this glove has the correct inner seam on the index finger as opposed to the part 3’s typically sold with a outer seam.
The liquid in the syringes is a combination of a few different liquids that should never evaporate.
****International buyers please email me for purchase instructions

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